The short answer is: anywhere! Tile is one of those materials that look just as great in the living room, hallway, deck, or patio floor as in the kitchen or bath. Just be sure to use the right tile for your project; they all have different characteristics that make them behave differently in various installations. The right or wrong tile can impact your remodeling project. Please discuss your project in detail with the experts at our tile store.

Can I use the same type on floors and walls?

No. A floor tile is more dense and heavy enough to withstand the weight of people walking on it. It’s also less slippery. Whether for floor or wall, you’ll find a large assortment in our tile shop, including wood, stone, antique designs, geometrics, and more from well-known brands like Daltile, Marazzi, Surface Art, MSI, and more. Come in to explore!

Is porcelain and ceramic the same?

No. Porcelain is composed of a nonporous clay that gives it a meager water absorption rate that makes it waterproof whether or not it's glazed. The composition also includes sand and glass, and the tile is fired at higher temperatures, making it ultra strong.

Porcelain is ideal for heavily trafficked, busy rooms like the kitchen and bath and can withstand any weather condition, making it suitable for patio and deck floors and poolside. These tiles come in a wide assortment of colors and can be made to look like anything, including wood, stone, fabric, and tile.

Ceramic squares (usually 4 X 4, but they can be any size), subway tiles, or mosaics should only be used indoors. Squares are suitable for moderately heavy foot trafficked rooms, while mosaics are now trending for bathroom floors. Subway tiles should only be used in low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms.

Terracottas, the beautiful reddish-brown clay bricks, are so durable they are used outdoors--but so stylish, especially in rustic decor, they're making a big comeback inside.

Tile flooring offers stunning visuals, superior durability, easy-care, and a lifespan of over 50 years. So come into the Floor Show, Inc. showroom in Ponderay, ID, especially if you live or work in or near Sagle, Hope, Clark Fork, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Priest River, Noxon, Troy, or Athol. Be sure to ask about our free quotes.